Piers Clark

Acoustic guitar tutor, band leader and music arranger.

With 1934 Gibson L5 acoustic guitar

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Telephone: 01273 233949

Email: piersclark@talktalk.net

" --- Piers Clark-- improves Eddie Lang's April Kisses."
(Peter Burton's daily log)

" Dear Piers, We love your playing, here in Bosstown Ma USA. That old Epiphone sounds like Freddie Green on payday. Damn good!"
(E-mail from JB Brez 28/1/2014)

[Piers is] The master of the neglected art of "acoustic rhythm guitar"
(Southern Counties Radio)

"Piers has a wonderful sense of time --" (John Harris, A Jazz Blog)"

"Piers Clark has honed a rhythm guitar style that makes him sound as though he has been catapulted forward from the Thirties in a time machine. He played impeccable four to the bar throughout and, with no drummer, added a nice brushes and hi-hat feel to the sound. Ken [Peplowski] was careful to give Piers a few solo choruses here and there and he filled them with some nice chord melodies."
(Ken Peplowski at Caxton Arms)

"Piers Clark has become a Wellington favourite playing lap-steel and guitar with his band “Early Bird Special”. He returns with a new line-up. Expect mellow Western Swing, Forties Jazz and other laid back grooves – perfect for a Sunday afternoon."

"Piers Clark [rhythm guitar] - one of the finest exponents of the lost art of acoustic rhythm guitar playing. Piers has been one of the mainstays of the Smalls rhythm section, playing with Kenny Davern, Marty Grosz, Scott Hamilton and Ken Peplowski. He has played with the Back to Basie Orchestra, Pete Long's Echoes of Ellington and with the myriad of top UK musicians visiting Smalls. His solo acoustic album Blues, Boogies and Rags was received with critical acclaim."
Dennis Simpson (Smalls Jazz Club)